Fresnel Lens - Lighthouse

I’ve been actively working on genealogy for my family these last 10 years. My goal is to not only document our family, but try to understand the context in which they lived.

I’ve found some wonderful gifts too!

  • We’re related to seven Mayflower passengers plus one of the original planners of the pilgrims who didn’t settle with the colony in Plymouth (Robert Cushman)
  • Benjamin Franklin’s sister Mary is my 9th great aunt
  • Six Revolutionary War members – one famously led the Minutemen under his command at Lexington
  • A member of the Underground Railroad!

And then there are lots of people like me who lived a quiet life, didn’t get a lot of press and were glad to be living and doing and that was good enough for them!

Then there were also the sad stories of the loss of my great grandmother and my great uncle in a boating accident on the Hudson, the near death of my grandmother due to a self-induced abortion, the alcoholics, the domestic violence and all the other unexpected deaths.

Not everyone was great, or talented or even lucky!  A few were slave owners for whom I apologize; others were paupers in debtor’s prison. Each had their time and tried to live the best life they knew how.







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